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On this site you can find many of my drawings along with facts about me. Besides that, you can also look into my work through out these semesters at GAP. 


Learn more about my story, inspirations and motivations.


Take a look inside my mind and the many creations I have done through out this school year.


Alternative sites I am available on and my art account.


Anime Cartoon abstract

I enjoy exploring my imagination through different art styles and programs. Click here to learn more about my inspirations.



AUGUST 2018 - JANUARY 2019

first semester

In the first semester I focused a lot on exploring the different Adobe programs the school has to offer us. To start off the semester I worked quite a lot with illustrator and photoshop, while still sticking to my roots of drawing in Paint Tool SAI.

Our assignment was to illustrate our own graphic novel and tell a story with it. I am using specifically this assignment as a highlight of this semester because it really helped me practice my patience while still keeping my tempo to deliver it on it’s due date.


second semester

In the second semester I mostly focused on my portfolio and experimenting with other art styles through my internship as an illustrator for kids. Alongside that, I made sure to keep up with my assignments.

Here I have a few things i have done this semester so far. I worked with illustrator, as seen on the first picture, to create a monochrome landscape. I also created a customized cup with my own drawing on it as a present for my family. Some of my personal drawings can be seen in here as well.